Become a Southwest Airline Flight Attendant

1. Search for the job opportunities with the southwest airlines.Go to their respective website and view the postings that are available.You can modify your search to include only certain categories.Select the category as Flight Attendance and apply for the job.

2. Currently Southwest airlines accepts resumes only through online process.There are 3 ways to create a resume : Upload a resume, Copy and Paste and resume wizard. Select the option which suits your need and fill in all the required information and upload your resume.After that you will asked to provide your personal information and you will have to answer some questions related to the post.When all the sections are completed you will receive a confirmation message that your application has been submitted. You need to wait for a call.

3. Attend a screening meeting where you will be provided with some required information like in-flight responsibilities, providing high quality customer service and operation conditions you might encounter during flights.

4. Get prepared and appear for the one-to-one interview.You will be asked to undergo background check and / or drug screening.If you fail to pass the interview you will be removed from the consideration.

5. This is the last step to become a Southwest Airline Flight Attendant. You will be attending a training for 4 weeks for which you will no be paid, because only if you pass the training you will be considered as the  the Southwest Airline employee.


These are some sample interview questions that may be asked in your interview.

1. What is your weakness ?

Although the question is about weakness, always frame the answer around positive aspect.While answering turn a negative point into a positive one.For example :

  • I take a little more time to complete a given task than necessary.The reason is I want to complete the given task perfectly and so i keep checking it twice or thrice.And so I have come to a practice to ensure that everything is done correct the first time.
  • ​Being organized wasn’t my strongest point, but I implemented a time management system which really helped my organization skills.

2. Tell me about something that is not in your resume.

Share a strength that is not in your resume.The interviewer wants you to go beyond  what you have shared with them in your resume.They want to uncover your background to know beyond the work history to analyse whether you are good match for their job and their organisation.Share a hobby or interest  that may positively reflect on your character so that you will be a memorable candidate.

3. Why shouldn’t we hire you ?

This question will be asked by your interviewer to get a sense of your weakness and  to get a better idea on how I’ll you fit into the work place.Give them a quality answer that can be seen as a strength within the right corporate culture or work role.For example, if you prefer jobs and companies that reward independent thinking, you might say, “You shouldn’t hire me if you are looking someone who thrives in an environment where management strictly prescribes how each task should be performed. I work better when given some general guidelines with a desired outcome and then am allowed some leeway regarding how I would carry out that task”.

4. How will you handle stress ?

When you come prepared for something, you’re less stressed, and when you’re less stressed, you’re able to focus on the task at hand and do a better job. This is why the airlines spend weeks, even months, training flight attendants. When something goes wrong, we don’t think about it, we go right into action.

Hope the information provided about the interview process and the interview questions helps you to get hired in the SouthWest airlines.




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