How To Become a Flight Attendant for United Airlines

Become a United Flight Attendant

1. United Airlines are looking for candidates with excellent customer service skill.When you fill in the online application you have to keep in mind some of the skills that are required for the position.

2. Be friendly and and should be able to handle stress.You must be able to take quick and helpful decision and be able to solve problems efficiently.

3. During the interview the candidates will be assembled for a video session about an overview of the company.The department will present information about the hiring process and the company benefits.After this one-to-one interview will be conducted.

4. Study the history of  the United Airlines and also should be aware of the changes it have undergone over the past 10 years.Let the interviewer know that you can be calm and clear headed during an emergency situation.You should be friendly and caring to the passengers.

5. Piercing and tattoos are not allowed in most of the airlines.Avoid loud and noisy jewels.Dress up conservatively and only in neutral colors.

6. After submitting the online application, your interview could take place in different ways like group interview, one-to-one interview and panel interview.You should also be prepared for personality test, skill test, drug screening and background checks.

7. Some candidates may get telephone interview call for which you have to be prepared.If you pass through the interview you will probably be contacted by email within a couple of weeks.


These are some sample interview questions that may be asked in your interview.

1. Tell us about your biggest strength 

Mention as many as you can such as good motivator, positive attitude, working well under pressure, responsible,eager to learn etc. Be prepared to give an example to the skills mentioned.

2. Why should we hire you ?

Tell about your education and skills.Prove them that you are excellent in customer service.You should know about the type of job, about the company and also about the culture of the company.May be you don’t have much skill and experience than the other candidate but your energy and passion may work well.Show immense energy and show that you are more interested in the job.

3. What will you do for the United Airline ?

You should know about the company before attending the interview and you should make the employer to recognize that your education,skills and experience are a precious aspects and explain about your previous achievements.

4. What do you know about United Airlines ?

Know about the company before you go for the interview.Look into the About Us and Careers section.Look into the company’s LinkedIn page.Search for the recent press release of the company so that you could know about the recent news stories shared by the company.

  5. Why do you want to work with United Airlines ?

This question is asked to test how much you know about the company, its culture and whether you can identify the organisation’s values and vision.Every Airlines has its strong points and you should mention that in your answer.Be honest to yourself and to your interviewer with what it is in the company motivates you.

6. What is your expected salary ?

This question is a nasty little game you to know your interest in the job. Do not answer the for this question, instead say something like “Its a tough question to answer”. Ask for the range of the job. If you get the answer for that, say that it can depend on the detail of the job.

7. Do you have any queries ?

Do not ask about the salary, leave, place of posting and other related questions.Ask him more details about the company or ask for your feedback telling that so you can analyse and improve yourself and rectify your shortcomings.

Hope the information provided by us will be helpful for you to get recognized by the United Airlines.

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