Ultimate Guide on becoming a Flight Attendant


Flight Attendants play an important role in air travel. They work to help passengers feel comfortable and stay safe. This article outline the details about job of a flight attendant and qualifications to become a flight attendant.How to Become a Flight Attendant


Flight attendants are caregivers, customer service professionals and safety providers. They ensure that passengers have a safe and calm passage while they are on the plane. Their responsibilities includes

1.  Greeting the passengers when they enter the plane and thanking them when exit.

2. Helping the passengers to get their seating and stow their luggage.

3. A presentation is given by them on airline’s safety procedure.

4. Facilitating beverages and food services.

5. In the event of an emergency, guiding passengers safety and providing first aid if necessary.

Becoming a flight attendant is not easy and takes hard work.



1. The candidate applying for Air hostess job should have high school degree or any Government Equivalency Degree.There may be online sites that offer courses or training on flight attendants. There are even online sites that offer certificate for flight attendants hopefully.The candidate must be well groomed and self confident.

2. The candidate must be 18 year old to become a flight attendant. The airline company also checks for the candidate’s citizenship. Some airlines may require that the candidate should reside on its own country for the address proof at the time of application. Also they should be tall enough to reach the overhead luggage bins.

3. The candidate should have good communication skills, hospitality, tourism, interpersonal skills, psychology, sociology or public relation  degree. Because, they seek for a candidate who have enjoyed working in and have excelled at customer contact positions. The candidate should have good team work ability.

4. It is essential that the candidate should have good listening skills which help to understand passenger’s need. The candidate should also be able to swim 50 m unaided.

5. If possible attend the flight attendant training  along with getting a college degree. If they have prior experience in customer related service, tourism or hospitality work, restaurant or catering work, nursing, work as a nanny and travel agency work is an added advantage.

6. Learn to speak many foreign languages. Also the candidate should be fluent in at least one second language other than English. Flight attendants with language skills are tested, and may be routed on the appropriate route.

7. The candidate should have the height and weight in proper proportion. The vision must be sufficient to perform safety related duties. The candidate must be professionally presented and should not have any visible tattoos, facial hairs or upper ear piercing  or extreme hair color or style.

8. A warm, natural, friendly personality with strong sense of responsibility is essential. Vitality, resourcefulness, enthusiasm and flexibility are attributes that are also needed. Naturally, the ability to relate all customers from a diverse range of culture is a key prerequisite for this position. The candidate must be able to adapt according to the situation.

9. Should have the proper medical health condition while applying. Prospective employees under-go- Aviation security clearance and police checks as part of the application process. The company also checks the ten year background of the candidate. This ten year background check includes flying background, criminal history, driving record, credit history, drug testing, education history, civil record (lawsuits).

10.The candidates should require a current passport. If not, apply for a passport before looking for an airline job. Prepare a resume and go online to inquire about the job opening.

  Here is a video on how to become a flight Attendant :

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