Q1. What is the educational criteria to become a Flight Attendant ?

Minimum education is required to become a Flight Attendant.It varies for different airline,in case of US applicants High School Degree or Government Equivalent Degree is necessary.Sometimes educational qualification is not at all required.They will hired with their life experience and previous job have been enough to get over the interview.

Q2. Am I too old to become a Flight Attendant ?

Now days age limit is not an issue.But some airlines has minimum and maximum age limit.Simply don’t apply for those airlines with whom your criteria does not meet.All age group people are represented as crew members.So don’t let age be your barrier.

Q3. Can a married person apply for Flight Attendant job ?

Definitely not.They hire you by considering your merits.For those who have children and those who choose to have a children, most of the airline will give a generous maternity leave and part time work program so that you can tailor your work schedule.

Q4. Do airlines hire more women than men for the Flight Attendant position ?

Now-a-days it is not so.Earlier it was a female dominated industry.But now most of the airlines hire men for the Flight Attendant position.All we required is language fluency and good customer service skill.It is a great carrier choice for anyone.

Q5. Is attractive look and thin structure a necessary criteria to become a Flight Attendant ?

One should look neat and presentable and not attractive and thin.You must project a groomed and polished appearance and posses an appropriate personality and favourable character since the Flight Attendants are the first line representatives of the particular airline.

 Q6. Why do you want to be a flight attendant ?

I would like to become a Flight Attendant because I have exclusive customer service skill and also the ability to interact with diverse customers.I can also understand the importance of workplace and customer safety and working as team to provide the leadership and service that create a comfortable and inclusive passenger experience.

Q7. I have a tattoo, will they disqualify me ? 

The Airline that hire you do not disqualify you if the tattoo is not visible in the uniform.Tattoos on areas of the face, neck, arms or hands would disqualify you, whereas tattoos that are not visible while in uniform would normally be acceptable.

Q8. Tell me about something that really annoyed you.

Its a question thrown to trap you, don’t get into it.Tell that you get annoyed with yourself than with other people.Annoyance isn’t productive, so you tend to try to understand and concentrate on finding a way around a problem or putting things straight.

Q9. Do you make mistakes ?

Be honest and answer YES if you do or NO if you don’t.Tell them like “Yes I do but on rare occasion.But I try not to repeat the same and learn from them”.

Q10. Why do you want to work with us ?

To  answer this question you must study the company and also quote  your personal beliefs, which are in conjunction with the values of the company.Highlight your skill set that is mapping the requirement of the company.Specify the initiatives taken or work done to attain that skill set.

Q11. Tell me the worst feedback that you have ever got.

To answer this question you must admit and share your areas of improvement. Also sharing an action plan for improving oneself will indicate your ability to take criticism well. Your answer should reflect your open-mindedness.

Q12. Tell about your biggest accomplishments ?

Reply that “I feel my biggest achievements are still ahead of me,even though I am proud of my sense of involvement. I would like to make my contribution as part of that team and learn a lot in the process”.

Q13. Do you think you are overqualified for this position ?

Reply that you are very well qualified for this position.Reply them “Not at all like that.I am a perfect candidate for this position and you are taking my interview which also indicates that I am a suitable candidate for this position”.

Q14. A passenger is behaving rude to your fellow Flight Attendant.How will you solve the problem ?

This is one of the most common problem that every Flight Attendant face during their job.Deal with them in a soft, yet strict demeanor, which would make the perpetrator uneasy and repentant, and create a sense of relief amongst the other passengers.

Q15. What kind of person you refuse to work with ?

This is a question asked to trap you.Never admit that there is a kind of person you will refuse to work with.Your reply should be like “I can work with all kind of people.I believe that everyone has an interesting story to share with and something to teach me”.

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