How To Become A Flight Attendant For JetBlue

Become a Jetblue Flight Attendant

1. Fill in the application form with the required information and wait for the group interview which will take most of the 9-5 days.You will be asked to introduce the person sitting next to you.You will be asked the reason for choosing the post and also about your  past working experience and education.The group will be divided into teams of 7 persons and each team will be asked to produce a team action project, which is then demonstrated to the main group.After all the process the, the names of the applicants who have been selected for the first one-to-one interview will be announced.

2. In the first one-to-one interview, they will refer to your resume and you will be asked some relevant questions.They will ask some personal questions too for which you have to be prepared.If you are selected to the next round, you will receive a call within 48 hours.

3. In the second one-to-one interview you will have your first drug and will be questioned about your abilities and background experience that would be helpful for JetBlue. Put your best foot forward to get selected.If you are selected to move up to the next level, you will get a call within next 48 hours.

4. In this interview you will be given some example of in-flight incidents and you will be asked how would you handle the situation,acknowledging you have not had the flight attendant training yet. You will get a call within 48 hours if you are selected to the next level.

5. This is the final interview and you will have your second drug test.You will be tested for your behavior, personality and problem solving through out the interviewing process.If you are selected in this final level interview you will receive an offer letter.

After that you will have your training which will be in three phase. Phase-1 will be related to the distance and inside procedures of the airline industry. Phase-2 is  a four weeks training which will be held at the Daytona Beach International Airport.Phase-3 takes place at the JetBlue University campus in Orlando, Florida for one week of final training.


These are some sample interview questions that may be asked in your interview.

1. What kind of skills must an airline cabin crew have ?

A Flight Attendant should be able to think critically, analyse situations and remain calm under stressful scenarios. They should manage the needs of the passenger and should be calm, friendly, welcoming, helpful and easy to approach individuals, who exhibit confidence and eagerness to assist. One should also be able to work as a team, cooperate with the crew member to make the passengers feel safe and comfortable.In  case if you deal rowdy or other difficult passenger you have to be calm and  cheerful.

2. Which is your strong attributes ?

  • Good communication skill
  • Eagerness to help people
  • Good team leader
  • Critical thinker who thinks well  under  pressure.
  • Alert, observant individual with great attention.

3. Which is better for you ? To work in a team or alone ?

Do not answer that it depends on the specific situation .Answer according to the position your are applying for.Answer either way like, you could say : I prefer working in a team, working toward the similar goal,but I do enjoy if each teammate has their own responsible share of work to complete individually.

4. Your experience with an unruly customer.How did you handle the situation ?

Focus on the way in which you were pathetic towards the customer, desire to assist them and analyse their concern  in all angles and know the root cause for the problem and finally present a valuable solution.

5. What are your hobbies ?

This a tricky question to analyse whether you are interested  in team work, cooperation ability and your leadership quality.Mention hobbies like cooking ,hosting a party something like that so that it will let you show off your hospitality skills, and ability to manage many people at once.

Hope you got valuable information from this article to get hired in the JetBlue Airlines.Good luck!

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