Flight attendant training :

Air hostess or Flight attendants are those who are hired by the airline to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers. The first and foremost concern must be the safety of the passengers. The Flight attendant must have patience and leader ship quality. They must guide the passengers and provide them with services like serving meals and beverages as their secondary responsibility.

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  1. Education : The candidate applying for should have high school degree or any Government Equivalency Degree. Many airline favorably hire the applicants those who have tried to better themselves by pursuing higher education.
  2. Customer Service Experience : Customer Service Experience is not a required criteria to apply for the job. But it makes getting hired little difficult than others who have experience.
  3. Language Skills : Ability to speak in English is a must. Fluency in second language is a plus.But only few airlines prefer a second language because of certain international destinations.
  4. Citizenship : U.S requires the employee to be a U.S. Citizen or registered alien with legal rights to accept employment in U.S and also the right to travel to the countries the airline serves.
  5. Appearance : The individuals must have a neat and attractive appearance as they are the one who have direct contact with the travelling public.The airlines do not permit visible tatoos, any body piercings and long hair on men.It may vary for different airlines.

Air Hostess Job Description :

1. The primary responsibility of an Air Hostess is to ensure the safety of the passenger.

2. They must help the passenger while boarding and exist.

3. Serving meals and beverages.

4. Demonstrate pre-flight safety.

5. Ensure all the equipments are in proper condition and the cleanliness of the plane.

Salary :

The minimum salary for experienced flight attendants was $43,440 per year and the senior attendants earned $95,850 per year. The new attendants made $15,522 per year. This do not include any extra remuneration and benefits that are available for the flight attendants those who are willing to work extra hours or on holidays and nights or on international flights.Living allowances will be paid during the training period and when they are staying away from home base. In addition the Flights Attendants immediate families are entitled to free travel or reduced fares on their own and other airlines.

Base Pay: This is the Monthly salary that you you will receive.

Flight Pay: You will be paid additionally when flying during night and also for over time.

Commission: Most of the airlines sell goods like perfumes and tobacco in the airplane and you can get a sales commission when you sell these goods.

Allowance: You will be paid when you have to wait for more days before your flight returns.

Profit Sharing: When your company is doing good and gains profit, your salary will also be increased.